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Application number: EFOP-5.2.2-17-2017-00073

Beneficiary name: Mária Út Közhasznú Egyesület

Project title: The Maria Marathon event in the service of sport and spirituality

Place of implementation: Veszprém

Date of submission of grant application: 7/24/2017

Date of award of the aid: 10/11/2017

Amount of support awarded (HUF): 47,650,460 HUF

Aid rate (%): 100%

Date of entry into force of the contract: 11/03/2017

Contractually awarded support (HUF): 47,650,460 HUF

Total contract accepted in the contract (HUF): 47,650,460 HUF

Planned start of the project: 11/01/2017

Planned completion of the project: 01/31/2020

Project description: The possibility of pilgrimage and the services of Hungarian pilgrims appear only to a small extent in the Hungarian public consciousness, so the mental and physical results experienced during pilgrimage and sports pilgrimage are not well known either. The aim of the project is to draw the public's attention to the spiritual and preventive role of pilgrimage, as well as to the preserving power of cultural heritage and the mutually reinforcing relationship between faith and sport.

The relationship between Faith and Sport is now recognized on a secular and ecclesiastical level as well, but its exploitation and use for the transmission of Christian values and the achievement of mission goals is not widespread nowadays, there are no cross-border collaborations on the subject. Research on the demonstrability of the results achieved is completely lacking. We are researching this problem together with foreign partners, comparing the various data and developing the appropriate methodology and training materials.

Within the framework of the project, we will establish an international network to hold Maria Marton every year, with the help of which we will implement a wide-ranging communication channel that draws the public's attention to the unique role of pilgrimage in mental health, prevention, cultural heritage and preservation.

The members of the network utilize the results of the research as well as the results of the methodology to be developed in their pilgrimage-related activities, in their wide-ranging presentation and recruitment activities.

With the help of the Mária Maraton program, we want to create a live network, the aim of which is to organize the event from year to year, to appear in the media of Mária Út and to introduce the pilgrimage, to recruit pilgrims widely. Through the pilgrimage, the participants can get to know and experience the Hungarian cultural heritage sites and cultural traditions, as well as experience the coexistence of faith and sports.

The aim of the research carried out in the framework of the project is to survey social groups as follows:

- pilgrimage opportunities

- the relationship between faith and sport

- pilgrimage habits past and present

- the role of pilgrimage in spiritual reinforcement

- the role of pilgrimage in prevention

- motivations for pilgrims to travel

The result of the project is a new method, which, in addition to the information related to the organization of the event, prioritizes the new know-how generated by the project, with which the partners participating in the project and the network - related networks of service providers can recruit , to play an educational role. In its outreach and recruitment activities, it placed great emphasis on the unique role of pilgrimage in the areas of mental health, prevention, cultural heritage and preservation of traditions.

During the planned implementation period of the project, the cooperation with cross-border partners will take place during only 12 workshops and 8 study trips. With the extension of the project period by 3 months, 2 more workshops and 1 study tour will be carried out.